About Me

A narcissistic life story. Even I'm aware of that.

Also, I'm a GUY. I know my voice on the radio is super high.


I'm Fizz! Some may know me as Fizzy or Fizzy_LaFizz. I have many names! I'm a high schooler trying to live his life as best as he can. I usually while my time away by doing random projects, like taking a hand on fitting an RFID unlock system for my laptop (it didn't work) and also being a radio presenter for Simulator Radio!

I wish that I can say that I specialise in ONE thing, but the truth is I'm more of an everything kind of guy. You see, I can cook, do maths, fix my TV, discombobulate the printer, and so on. Jack of all trades, master in none.

Shameless plug!

I'm a Radio DJ/Presenter for an internet community-based radio station called Simulator Radio! I am usually live every weekday at 08:00 UTC/15:00 WIB to bring you your morning tunes. Head over to this website here to listen or this website here to listen to my past shows!

That's it!

That's as far as I am willing to tell about myself on a publicly available website. If you want to contact me, head over here.