About Me

A narcissistic life story. Even I'm aware of that.

Also, I'm a GUY. I know my voice on the radio is super high.


I'm Fizz! Some may know me as Fizzy or Fizzy_LaFizz. I have many names! I'm a high schooler trying to live his life as best as he can. I usually while my time away by doing random projects, like taking a hand on fitting an RFID unlock system for my laptop (it didn't work) and also being a radio presenter for Simulator Radio!

I wish that I can say that I specialise in ONE thing, but the truth is I'm more of an everything kind of guy. You see, I can cook, do maths, fix my TV, discombobulate the printer, and so on. Jack of all trades, master in none.

What is it that I do?

Erm, nothing really. In my spare time, I do things around the world of IT. Well, simple things, like setting up my own NAS (not a prebuilt NAS) and a print server. I also like to experiment with networking, which is probably why I know a bit about correctly setting up and securing my routers and access points at home.

This website is literally just so that I can flex on my business cards that I have a personal website when in reality there is nothing that I do for me to boast about here. Heck, if you paid any attention whatsoever, you will see that this website is actually a Google Sites website.

That's it!

That's as far as I am willing to tell about myself on a publicly available website. If you want to contact me, head over here.